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On Valentine and Self-Love

These days, everyone wants to have a significant other aka a ‘bae’ when they don’t even have self-love. More than anything, the pressure to be in a relationship gets intensely ramped up with each passing day.


It’s that time of the year again, yes, I mean Valentine’s Day and the craze to post gifts received from ‘bae’ is a big priority for most right now. They don’t even care if ‘bae’ treats them like trash as long as they have a Valentine right?


Here’s what’s insanely amusing, some people don’t even realize they are being treated like trash because they’ll rather be in a relationship, no matter how ill-fitting, than be alone.

This boils down to self-love, because if you know you are a Queen, you won’t let anyone, not even Mr. Nigeria, (lol) treat you less than you deserve.


If you do not have a significant other, love yourself honey; go see a movie, take yourself out to dinner, buy yourself some chocolate and go out of your way to do some good to someone else.

Here’s another thought; re-evaluate your relationship goals, highlight your deal breakers, not something as trivial as “I will only date team beard gang” please, but something that can actually alter the goals and ideal purpose you have set for your life.

If you are in a relationship take some time off for some introspection and a quick review. How does ‘bae’ treat you? Where does he fit in the grand scheme of things over the next 10 years?  It’s important your overall goals and aspirations align amongst other things.

In the end, you’ve gotta have the love you seek on the inside first.

Happy Valentine my lovelies.


Dress: Chicwish, Shoes: The Shoe Shop Nigeria

Photo by: Ajayi Phillip


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  • Tee
    February 14, 2018

    I could totally relate with that line where you said some people would rather be in a relationship no matter how ill-fitting, than being alone.
    You gotta love yourself enough to not settle. It’s not easy. The craze that comes with being tagged as “in a relatiomship” ehn, only God can cure it.

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