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SUNNY ROSE: An Entire Mood

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Maureen Okogwu Ikem is the brain behind fashion house Sunny Rose,coined from both her parents names.

I have always loved her designs and appreciated the effort she puts into the production of her outfits, but this year her Fall Winter 2018/19 showcase at the Arise Fashion week in Lagos triggered a jaw drop.

sunny rose

There was a strong infusion of indigenous culture like we’d never seen before, she beautifully represented the Tiv (from Benue) and Igala (from Kogi) traditional attires in a truly breathtaking way. They both synchronized perfectly into one beautiful collection and I definitely want a few pieces from that collection, it was that spectacular.

What blew my mind the most is, both cultural groups are clearly not the ones she belongs to and yet, she ensured they got prominent representation at her showcase. She definitely deserves some accolades. Imagine if more indigenous designers did this.

Sunny Rose

I am Igala, so of course you might expect all this excitement but even beyond that, the amount of work put into this collection, produced nothing but pure class.

Like I said, it would be beautiful to see more designers infuse a lot more of local fabric designs for their work. Of course, my bae, (lol) Lisa Folawiyo did this with her Spring/Summer 18 collection Kwenu, which did a great job with Igbo cultural representation.


What do you think of this Sunny Rose collection? Are you blown away as much as I am?


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