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I firmly believe in purposeful living. Living with a more sustained view of life, not just focused on the now or living in the moment.

A purposeful life often involves making plans for your life at every stage, regardless of whatever time it is and where you are. Procrastination is one vice that I can’t stand, especially when it somehow manifests in my experience. Statements like “Oh, tomorrow will take care of itself” are not just annoying but surefire ways to end in disaster.


I believe a person should make yearly plans, plans that run for five years, and even decade-long plans as well. This helps keep you in check, putting you on track to meet your goals and targets. They also help you ensure you’re not stagnating as you can measure how much progress you have made over specific time frames, making assessments that are more accurate and real-time.

A major way of gauging progress is having accountability partners. These are folks who help you track milestones to ensure there’s actual growth in your planning. This can be a powerful motivator for the realization of your goals.

purposeful living


purposeful living

Now, it is really important to set targets that align with your overall life goals so you are headed progressively down the right path. It is also very important to have backup plans for each of your goals so that you are not left stranded along the way if one fails.

Purposeful Living


Purposeful Living

Finally, in as much as it is good to plan it is worthy to note that “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”  – Proverbs 19:21. That is why it is of paramount importance to ensure our plans are aligned with that of the Lord for our lives.

Purposeful Living

Purposeful Living


Photo by: Stefan Moniedafe

Dress: East Square Boutique

Shoes: Zara

Bag: H&M


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  • Daisy
    December 30, 2018

    This is beautiful…. Thanks for sharing.

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