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Positive vibes and energy honestly make a world of a difference for me. I have found out that when I am going through stuff, I need to have people with positive vibes around. This is because they simply make the situation a lot better by encouraging me and offering lifting affirmations.

Even when I am in my happiest moods I still love having positive people around because naysayers can make your mood drop from a 100 to 0. There are some people who never see the good in any situation, they are so full of negative vibes and it would do you well to avoid such types.

I have also noticed I tend to be a bit negative when things are not exactly going how I’d like them to. This is why I have highlighted a few points I hope will help in keeping us all in check and focused on the positives.

  • Always see/speak good in every situation: There are legit some projects, jobs, partnership etc. we want to go into that have us gripped by negative vibes. We begin to vocalize doubts, saying stuff like: “Will this work out at all?” “What if I fail?” “Maybe I should just stop” and so on. The key is not to entertain these thoughts at all from the beginning. Counteract them with good thoughts like “I will succeed,” “I am the best at what I do,” “God has got my back…” This honestly helps me all the time.
  • Smile More: People are generally more open and receptive to those who smile and have a warm attitude. I mean if you have a grumpy look on all the time, chances are no one will want to associate with you, and that can make you lose a lot of opportunities.

  • Don’t be a Naysayer: Being a naysayer simply means not seeing the good in any situation. It could manifest in always putting people’s opinions down too. It’s much better to encourage people and be optimistic because you don’t know what that person is already having to deal with. You should not be the reason it gets worse.
  • Be good to everyone you come across: I don’t even understand how you can treat some people a certain way and then others like trash. All because you believe you can get favors from some and nothing from the others? Well hello!!! That is blatant “eye service,” repent now!!!!!!! God created everyone equally and nobody is better than the other (I don’t care if they are the wealthiest people ever). Being good to everyone is living a positive life full of integrity.

positive vibes

positive vibes

I hope you’ve all learnt something impactful. For this post I am wearing a top from Ali Express, the skirt is by H&M, and the shoes are by Guess. The Fedora hat is a Wuse market purchase.

positive vibes


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  • TEE
    July 13, 2018

    I see the good in situations ✔
    I should smile some more though❌
    I ain’t a nosayer and my friends are surely the best cheerleaders ✔
    “Be good to everyone you come across” uhm i can’t brag about this but i try.✔

    • Sandra Onalo
      July 15, 2018

      smile more!!!!!!

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