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By Posted on 1 2 m read

PAUSE!!! Y’all know I can’t go on with this blog without gushing about the incredibly beautiful, talented and ageless style icon Lisa Folawiyo.

She is an absolute breath of fresh air; everyone who knows me knows absolutely how much I adore her.

The funny thing this admiration started long before the advent of Instagram. It was Twitter that saw the birth of this love. Back then, I had literally no clue what her style looked like. All I could be sure of was this; she was an amazing designer who made lovely designs.

Today, if I see just one Jewel by Lisa design, I can instantly tell because the class cannot be missed. It’s just uniquely exquisite.

I’m pretty sure we can agree that Lisa is no doubt a fab dresser. I mean, if we had to compile a list of the best dressed Nigerian women, she’ll definitely be in the Top 3 (argue with your phone screen :p)

I love her because her style is distinctive and it almost seems fashion is deep in her DNA. She doesn’t try too hard and everything she wears looks so effortlessly good on her! You can hardly catch her in a piece that doesn’t flatter her to the high heavens so much so you are left intrigued by her.

It’s safe to say Lisa is a trendsetter in her own right.

I can go on and on but here is a compilation of some of my favorite looks from her over the years in no particular order.

Photo credit: Lisa Folawiyo’s Instagram


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  • Tee
    February 24, 2018

    She’s gorgeous 😍

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