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My Five favorite Bloggers

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Ughhhhhh. This was such a hard list to compile because there are lots of fashion and lifestyle bloggers I love. Narrowing them to just five was no easy task, but hey, here we go in no order:

Grace Alex of t2pitchy: She is a lifestyle and fashion blogger who currently lives in DC. I have watched her grow and evolve over the years with class. What I love the most about her is how she stays true to her style; she never tries to blend in. She is never concerned with catching up with the latest trends and she always stands out with her unique style choices. I’m also struck by her simplicity and candour, she likes what she likes and won’t try to please the crowd by switching things up randomly. Let’s just say Grace Alex is one person everyone should be following.

Tostos of Styles by Alexandriah: Another amazing fashion and lifestyle blogger who is based in London. Her style is so fresh and she is one person whose wardrobe I’d love to raid. I love how she knows exactly what suits her body at the same time giving us constant outfit inspiration. Her Instagram page is a breath of fresh air. She serves us vacation spot goals all the time. Her travel destinations just make you want to be at multiple places at the same time, and if you love to travel she is one person you should be following.

Sarah Audu of Princess Audu: For those of us who follow this blog the first thing that comes to mind when this name is mentioned is: “Fully Covered but Still Fly.” That is precisely what we all know her for. As Nigerians will say “she does not show body” and her style is breathtakingly beautiful. She serves us outfits appropriate for all occasions (even church) and they are always so mind-blowing. Another thing she does brilliantly is her loyalty to Nigerian brands. She’s also so relatable and real, keeping it 100 all the time. If you love faith-based content then you should give her a follow.

Elizabeth Keene of A Keene sense of style: She is a Los Angeles based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who should probably be worried about how crazy I am for her wardrobe selection. I’m convinced without a doubt that she is my style twin, lol. I mean look at her outfits, always so cute and alluring. Anytime I’m on her Instagram page I legit drool over every single one of her outfits. To be frank I don’t get why you are reading this and you have not followed her yet. By the way, you know one thing I will love to see? A collaboration between her and Tostos of Styles By Alexandriah.

Chichi of Chicamastyle: She is a fashion blogger based in Washington DC and her style is sophisticated and just out of this world. This woman always leaves me with serious envy. If you are following her and you are not envious then there is a problem, lol. I love how ladies of different ages can easily find fashion inspirations from her page too. The best part for me is how she shows us that one can look sophisticated without breaking the bank.

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