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The Journey to Becoming Perfect

By Posted on 1 1 m read

Nobody is perfect. Nobody is even close to perfection. That’s a humbling fact. The sort of reminder of our ever-present mortality that we can’t seem to shake.

on becoming perfect



on becoming perfect

We live in such a world of digital pressure, with so much to live up to on social media that you’ll think some people have cracked this goal of becoming perfect. It’s all false.

The true key is to live one day at a time, treating everyone with love and respect, no matter how difficult it may seem. How do you want to be treated? Are you treating others in that precise manner?

I’m not perfect but this outfit right here is gorgeously perfect! What’s more exciting is that it is work-appropriate and that is a score score score!!!




Plain office outfits are honestly often just so boring I must admit, so it just makes sense to always chip in a bit of brightness occasionally. I can’t speak for others but this instantly brightens my mood every single time.

The outfit and purse are from East Square Boutique, I have collaborated with them in the past read all about it  here and the shoes are by Justfab Online, of course, they are fab (pun intended) and beautiful



PS don’t laugh at my bow o, I just don’t know how to tie one

Photography by: chim7a on instagram

Makeup by: joann_tara on instagram


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  • Tee
    June 30, 2018

    The magnitude of class in these pictures girl!😭😭😭

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