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Beating the Monday Blues

By Posted on 2 2 m read

This is the Monday look-book collaboration with Debs of Debscorner  and Chioma of  YhItsChioma Today, I am focusing on the things that can help us all look forward to and appreciate Mondays.

Monday Blues are often associated with being unhappy based on returning to work either because of the nature of your job or the bad vibes of some coworkers. This has fast become a norm in our society as an increasing number of people dread the beginning of the work week.




Here are some of the things that work for me when it comes to beating the Monday blues:

  • Planning: Most people dread Mondays because they are returning to a lot of work piled up, including the tasks they abandoned from Friday because, you know, “TGIF” turn up… lol. I believe the key to avoiding this is, battling to ensure you can complete tasks before the week is out so there are no carryovers.


  • Positive affirmations: Setting positive goals and positive affirmations can influence how your day goes; it can help you see Monday in a whole new light. You can write these positive affirmations out on sticky paper notes and place them on your office desk or work computer. That way they’re visible reminders of where your focus should be. You can write positive affirmations like “today is going to be a great day,” “today is going to be a very productive and successful day,” “I am the best at what I do,” “Mondays are amazing, beautiful days” and so on.


  • Dress for success: So, we’ve agreed you need to plan positively but you must also dress the part. Here I am wearing a Calvin Klein blazer, a pair of Runway Boutik pants, H&M shoes with a Calvin Klein handbag to match. I know I look like a million bucks if I do say so myself, lol. There is a certain confidence dressing beautifully gives you. It could easily be the push you need to have a great day.


  • Adequate sleep on Sunday night: You don’t want to wake up angry and grumpy on Monday morning. Yes, it’s fine to have fun and unwind during the weekend but I believe turning in early on Sunday night greatly affects your Monday morning. Waking up late will just make you anxious and scattered.


  • Do something that excites you: Now, this one can be a bit tricky. It doesn’t have to be something too fancy. Something as little as having lunch at your favourite restaurant counts. Ordering your favourite smoothie, making and taking your favourite meal to work for lunch, amongst other things could actually trigger the energy to banish the Monday blues.

I hope these tips help you see Monday from a whole new perspective. Love and light 🙂







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  • Tee
    June 30, 2018

    I smell a great monday coming through for me, thanks for these tips b! Needed them!

    • Sandra Onalo
      July 15, 2018

      Anytime 🙂

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